3 Easy Tips to Avoid Sickness

  Let’s face it—even the healthiest person in the world gets sick every now and then. So the question is, how do I avoid sickness and when I do get sick how do I fight it off quickly? The guidelines for staying healthy are simple and easy, thankfully. Be consistent with these microbe-fighting habits and you’ll stay on your feet as often as possible this winter.   Get a flu shot. This is one of the easiest one-time things you can do to dramatically lower your chances of ending up on your back this winter. Unless you’re allergic or have certain

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Trick or Treating with Food Allergies

  It breaks your heart that your child isn’t able to eat all the same kinds of candy as other kids on Halloween. But that doesn’t mean Halloween can’t be fun this year. With that in mind, there are several guidelines to keep your child safe this Halloween. You can make sure they stay safe without losing out on any of the fun that the other kids are having.   1. Keep an eye out for teal pumpkins. What? Teal pumpkins? An organization called Food Allergy Research and Education is promoting a movement for parents to set out teal pumpkins

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5 Ways to Relieve Your Seasonal Allergies

  That stinging in your nose, the itchy throat, the watering eyes–it’s unmistakable. Allergy season is setting in again. You can’t exactly pick up and move to the North Pole. So you need ways to fight allergies right where you live besides popping antihistamines like they’re going out of style.   1. Wash your hair and face before going to bed. The important thing to remember about your allergies is that they’re caused by actual particles of pollen, dust, grass or anything else that you’re allergic to. You carry that stuff with you when you come in from outside. If

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5 Tips to Combat Croup

  Croup is a viral infection of the windpipe and the vocal cords, but you’ll know it better as the barking, wheezing cough that keeps you and your child awake until 3 A.M. It often appears as a stage of a cold or flu virus, and if your child has a fever that means they’re likely still contagious. Luckily, there are still plenty of things for you to do at home to help your little one ride out the coughing storm.   1. Keep your child calm. This is the number one rule of treating children with croup. Croup’s main

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Do I Really Need A Flu Shot?

Do I Really Need A Flu Shot? The Center for Disease Control, the experts on infectious diseases in the U.S., recommend that every person older than six months in the United States should get an influenza shot. But if you don’t believe the CDC, ask your family and your coworkers if they want to spend a week on their back feeling miserable. If their answer is no, you need a flu shot. Influenza is estimated to cost the U.S. 87 billion dollars each year, because businesses slow down when their workers are sick or have to take time off when

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Is My Child Too Sick For School?

Is My Child Too Sick For School?   We’ve all seen it: that sudden shift from your bright, smiling son or daughter to a groggy, grimacing mess that wants to lay on the couch all day. Before you spend the day nursing them back to health, read through these guidelines to decide when your child might be too sick to go to school.   1. They’re too contagious. The two biggest infections that run rampant in schools besides the common cold are strep throat and pink eye, AKA conjunctivitis. They’re the infections that you wish other parents would keep their

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5 Ways to Combat a Sore Throat

5 Ways to Combat a Sore Throat   Sore throats are one of the most common symptoms that patients complain of when they go to the doctor. They can be caused by anything from allergies to viruses to bacteria, like strep throat. An everyday symptom calls for an everyday remedy. We’ve put together a list of five ways you can take on your sore throat without visiting the doctor’s office.   Herbal tea There’s no end to the benefits of herbs to relieve all kinds of aches and pains. Drinking tea infused with lemon, ginger or honey is especially effective

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Eek! Lice at School!

Before you panic, know that head lice are relatively common and easy to treat. And it doesn’t mean your child has bad hygiene–good or bad hygiene has nothing to do with who gets head lice.   What are lice? Lice are tiny wingless insects that feed on human blood. The most common type of lice, especially in children, is head lice. They live near the scalp and attach their eggs to strands hair. You can most often find them around the hairline and at the nape of the neck. Head lice do not transmit any diseases to humans.   How

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How Do I Know If I’m Contagious?

How Do I Know If I’m Contagious?   When you get sick, it’s hard to tell when it’s safe to go back to work. The last thing you want is to get your coworkers sick and have the whole office glare at you for a week, especially when you’re feeling miserable.   How can I tell if I’m contagious? The worst part about catching someone else’s cold is that by the time their symptoms start, you may have already contracted it without knowing. Most doctors agree that the contagious period of a cold is 1-2 days prior to the start

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5 Ways to Soothe Your Newborn

5 Ways to Soothe Your Newborn   Human infants are one of the most vulnerable species in the animal kingdom at their age. They need a parent like you to take care not only of their physical needs, but also their emotional needs. The world is a new, surprising place that they discover every day. When they get overwhelmed, they need to be comforted in a specific language that can be hard to understand. Here’s a quick list to try when your little one is feeling fussy.   1. Swaddling Babies enjoy the light pressure that is placed on their

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