There comes a point with your kids during the winter when you just need to get outside. We hear you.

But they can only throw snowballs and make snow angels for so long before they get bored. Try these fun outdoor activities to keep them active and interested out in the snow.


  1. Make snow art.

All you need is some food coloring and a spray bottle or dropper to paint the snow any color you like. Put together a whole palette of colors and see what frozen ideas your kids come up with. If the temperature stays low enough, the artwork could last for several days and morph as the snow melts!


  1. Build a snow fort.

Anyone can build a snowman, but it takes thought and patience to build a snow fort or even a whole snow city. Help your kids figure out what shapes are best, how much to pack the snow, and encourage their imaginations. A yard full of snow can turn into a castle or a boat. Who knows!


  1. Put together bird feeders.

When the ground is blanketed in snow, birds have a much harder time keeping themselves full with the seeds and bugs they normally find. You can help them out by making temporary snow-proof bird feeders. Set out birdseed on a plate or bowl, or carve out a bowl in the snow where the birds can land and feed safely.


  1. Hide objects or toys in the snow.

You can make your own treasure hunt in deep snow. Find little trinkets and toys to hide in the snow and challenge your kids to find them. The game will turn into fun throwing snow and exploring no matter how many of them they find.


Ultimately the best fun your kids can have in the snow is to explore it with their own imagination. Help them discover what they can build and shape with it before it melts!

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