Family Pharmacy is proud to offer you the True Care Elite Discount Program. The program is FREE to everyone, yet offers significant savings. The savings apply to you as well as your entire household, working in conjunction with any prescription medication coverage you may have. Individuals may sign up for and receive the card the very same day at any of our pharmacy locations, entitling them to instant savings and benefits. Simply drop by any Family Pharmacy location and ask to enroll in this FREE program to enjoy instant savings.

True Care Elite discount card holders receive the following benefits:

  • Cardholders realize the lowest cash price on all prescriptions and receive qualifying generics for $3.99, $7.99 or $9.99.
  • Cardholders realize a 10% discount on our Leader private label over-theĀ­counter products.
  • Cardholders receive a 10% discount on any rental or purchase of medical supplies or equipment at Family Pharmacy Home Medical Supply in Nixa or from any of our store locations.
  • Cardholders receive free delivery or mail-out service of their prescription medications.
  • Cardholder receive free internet searches on any health related topic or medication. Members also can get a personal medication therapy session with one of our pharmacists.
  • Cardholders are entitled to a discount on immunizations and vaccinations, including flu shots.
  • Cardholders receive 10% off products from our wellness center (natural & holistic products).
  • Cardholders are covered by the Family Pharmacy antibiotic guarantee when the antibiotic prescription is listed on the Antibiotic Guarantee Formulary. If the cardholder needs to fill a different antibiotic (regardless if it is on the Antibiotic Guarantee Formulary) within 30 days of the fill of the first prescription, they will receive a gift card for the amount that they paid on the first prescription.

    Family Pharmacy promises that we will do everything in our control to save you money, stay healthy or get well. We pledge to do so while giving you the best service in the industry. To save money with the True Care Elite card, simply present your card when you hand in your prescriptions or before making a purchase, our employees will handle the rest. Card must be presented for discounts to apply.

TrueCare Pharmacy: Family Pharmacy Cash Card Program

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This Program offers you, the cardholder, and your dependents preferred pricing on prescription drugs from the pharmacy named above. It is not an insurance program and does not provide insurance coverage. It is administered by TrueCare Pharmacy. By accessing this preferred pricing, you acknowledge and agree that TrueCare Pharmacy may have access to and use your prescription drug data for administration of the program. Rebates paid by manufacturers on the purchase of certain preferred drugs under the program will be retained by truecare Pharmacy and this pharmacy, which makes it possible to provide you and your dependents with preferred pricing. TrueCare Pharmacy and this pharmacy reserves the right to discontinue the program in the future.

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