3 Easy Tips to Avoid Sickness

  Let’s face it—even the healthiest person in the world gets sick every now and then. So the question is, how do I avoid sickness and when I do get sick how do I fight it off quickly? The guidelines for staying healthy are simple and easy, thankfully. Be consistent with these microbe-fighting habits and you’ll stay on your feet as often as possible this winter.   Get a flu shot. This is one of the easiest one-time things you can do to dramatically lower your chances of ending up on your back this winter. Unless you’re allergic or have certain

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5 Tips to Combat Croup

  Croup is a viral infection of the windpipe and the vocal cords, but you’ll know it better as the barking, wheezing cough that keeps you and your child awake until 3 A.M. It often appears as a stage of a cold or flu virus, and if your child has a fever that means they’re likely still contagious. Luckily, there are still plenty of things for you to do at home to help your little one ride out the coughing storm.   1. Keep your child calm. This is the number one rule of treating children with croup. Croup’s main

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