3 Easy Tips to Avoid Sickness

  Let’s face it—even the healthiest person in the world gets sick every now and then. So the question is, how do I avoid sickness and when I do get sick how do I fight it off quickly? The guidelines for staying healthy are simple and easy, thankfully. Be consistent with these microbe-fighting habits and you’ll stay on your feet as often as possible this winter.   Get a flu shot. This is one of the easiest one-time things you can do to dramatically lower your chances of ending up on your back this winter. Unless you’re allergic or have certain

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Do I Really Need A Flu Shot?

Do I Really Need A Flu Shot? The Center for Disease Control, the experts on infectious diseases in the U.S., recommend that every person older than six months in the United States should get an influenza shot. But if you don’t believe the CDC, ask your family and your coworkers if they want to spend a week on their back feeling miserable. If their answer is no, you need a flu shot. Influenza is estimated to cost the U.S. 87 billion dollars each year, because businesses slow down when their workers are sick or have to take time off when

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