Family Rewards

The new Family Rewards program retains all of the benefits customers enjoyed under the True Care Elite program as outlined below.

  • Members realize a 10% discount on our Leader private label over-the-counter products.
  • Members receive a 10% discount on any rental or purchase of medical supplies or equipment.
  • Members receive free delivery or mail out service of their prescription medications.
  • Members receive a free personal medication therapy session with one of our pharmacists.
  • Members are entitled to a discount on immunizations and vaccinations, including flu shots.
  • Members receive 10% off products from our wellness center (natural & holistic products).
  • Members are covered by the Family Pharmacy antibiotic guarantee.

In addition to the benefits carried over from the True Care Elite program, under the new Family Rewards program members will receive:

  • No membership card to keep track of. Purchases are linked to the customer at checkout and customers are notified via email when a reward has been earned. The system will also prompt at checkout if the customer has a reward on their loyalty account so those without an email account or those who do not wish to keep track of the email offers will not miss out on rewards.
  • Rewards earned on each dollar spent at Happy Family Pharmacy, including insurance copays. Rewards are redeemable on future purchases, excluding prescription items.
  • Member’s only discounts and advanced notice of special sale offers.
  • Ability to earn bonus rewards on featured sale items.